Cubase on the ATARI ST

Steinberg had a masive success with Pro24 and development ended in 1988 with vrs III which had some extremely useful methods for handling sysex data and integrating user defined sound patches from external editors into Patterns for auto configuration of your various synths and modules in your songs.


The following year however, it was replaced by CUBASE which was compatible with Pro 24 files and offered the same complexity of Midi sequencing but with what is now a familiar and industry-wide interface.


Versions 2 and 3 followed before support for the ATARI ST ended and focus went over to the PC and MAC in the early 90's.

There are countless ATARI ST's still in operation in bedrooms and working studios and many running CUBASE 1 2 or 3. It is inevitable that over time some of the finer points and features of this amazing program have been forgotten, so here is a great chance to get a copy of the User Manual and refesh yourselves!


Is supplied as a PDF file and includes clear photo-scan of each page and index.


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